Paul Magriel Memorial Board


Louis Magriel, Paul Magriel’s son and Volker Wenzlaff, Gammoner Boards, are now launching a series of only 22 backgammon boards worldwide, the „Paul Magriel Memorial Board“. Each board is handmade, individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The solid aluminium cube is engraved with "X-22" instead of the 64, according to Paul’s nickname and is exclusively available with this board.

Many thanks to Alexander Auer of Germany, whose design of a Memorial Board and cube, and eloquent appreciation of Paul Magriel, inspired this project.

And another big thank you to Doris Auer, who made these wonderful photographs!

Reserve the Board of Your Life at at www.Gammoner.us

or by email to wenzlaff@gammoner.de

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